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We began our journey in Vietnam, providing lighting for large-scale entertainment projects. But our passion for nature and sustainability inspired us to create unique, eco-friendly products made from natural materials.

Our team is dedicated to bringing applications from nature to life, helping to create sustainable products that protect the environment. We offer a wide range of products, including wooden lights, 3D lights, and a variety of wood products such as hanging paintings, shelves, and racks. We’re also experts in printing on all materials, from gifts and souvenirs to shirts and billboards. If you have an idea for a custom project, we’re happy to help bring it to life!

Our shadow puppetry art is also a big hit with customers. Using modern technology and machines, we’re able to create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs that tell stories through light and wood. Our slices of wood are illuminated by lights projected onto ceilings, walls, or floors, creating a truly magical experience.

In addition to our products, we also offer event decorations and celebration services. Whether you’re looking for a stunning lighting display or a custom shadow puppetry performance, we’re here to help make your event unforgettable.

We’re committed to using only safe and environmentally friendly materials in all of our products, and everything is made right here in Canada. Our team loves what we do and we take pride in creating beautiful, sustainable products that bring joy to people’s lives.

If you share our passion for eco-friendly products and unique, sustainable design, we would love your support. Let us help you bring a little bit of nature into your life!