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Welcome to our  HAVANA ART

Say No more to lifeless technology gifts and soulless jewelry from abroad.
We started our journey providing lighting for large-scale entertainment projects in Vietnam. But our passion for nature and sustainability inspires us to create unique, eco-friendly products made from natural materials.
When we came to Canada we started a new career In Havana, all products stem from our boundless love for art and especially Vancouver peaches.

If you’re looking for unique local gift products that don’t come with the ‘Made in China’ label. it was created here, with love, from us to you. Welcome to meaningful gifts. Welcome to Havana Art


Support local businesses

With Havana Design, customers will receive more than one gift. They will receive a work of art, a piece of local pride created by us right here in Nanaimo.
Thank you for coming out and supporting us!!!

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